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Edvantek Pte Ltd, base in Singapore is a distributor of customer-tailored solutions with an extensive range of the industry's premier manufacturers of CCD cameras, frame grabbers, lenses and software products. Edvantek Pte Ltd. offers all major components used in the design and development of high-performance imaging systems.
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Camera   Analog, USB2.0 camera, Firewire camera, Camera Link camera, Power over camera Link camera, Gige camera, Under water camera, board camera, 3CCD camera, 3D stereo camera, Pan tilt Zoom camera, Microhead camera, IR camera, Security camera, IP camera, Large format sensor camera, Cool CCD camera, Miniature camera,Dome camera, Endo scope viewer, Day and Night camera, High Defination 3CCD color camera, extremem low light camera, High speed camera, SUV Cam, SUV CAM II, SUV Pro, Spy camera, Stereo vision camera
Lenses   Machine vision lens, Security CCTV lenses, Mega Pixel Lens, Line scan lens, F mount Large format lenses, K mount Lens, Telecentric Lens, Mega pixel telecentric lens, Co-axial Telecentric lenses, miniature lenses,  C mount and CS mount Lenses, Infraed Red Lenses, Mega Pixel Vari focus lenses, Ultra Violet lenses, Manual Zoom lenses, Motorize Zoom lenses, 55X Zoom Lens, Fish eyes lenses, wide angle lenses, Board camera lenses, Pin Holes lenses, manual focal lenses, 5 Mega Pixel lenses, 8 Mega Pixel lenses, M42 screw mount lens, Interferometer lens, IR F mount lens, EF Mount lens, Zeiss Visionmes Telecentric Lens and Modules
Lightings   Fiber Optics lightings, LEDs Lightings, Customize Lightings, Back Light, Square light, Ring light, Co-axial lightings, Dome lightings, Bar lightings, Line sensor, low angle lightings, High angle lightings, UV lightings, IR lightings, disffuse lightings, Co-axial spot lightings, Light source
Cables   IEEE 1394a cable, IEEE1394b cable, Camera link cable, mini camera link cable, POCL cable, right angle camera link cables, Hirose connector, right angle Hirose connector, 12V standard power supply, analog camera
Accessories   Extension tube, Prism, beam splitter, 2X extender, IR cut filters, UV cut filters, Polarizer filters, Green filters, blue filters, orange filters, red filters, yellow filters, blue filters, F mount extension tube, Rear Converter, Prism Adaptor, Optical Lens Parts, Quarter wave Plate, Color filter, ND filter, CS to C mount adaptor
Monitors   Black and White monitor, CRT monitor, LCD monitor
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